Agapanthus twister

Alle voeten gaan van de vloer met Agapanthus africanus Twister! Twister kenmerkt zich door zijn uitbundige bloei met opvallende, tweekleurige . Meer informatie over Agapanthus ‘Twister’ bij Bakker. Bestel vandaag nog bloemen, planten en tuinaccessoires op ons online tuincentrum.

Een nieuwe ontwikkeling in de Agapanthus zijn de zgn. You can’t control your feet when you lay your eyes on Agapanthus africanus Twister! Abundant flowering is what characterizes Twister. The flowers of Agapanthus ‘Twister’ are absolutely glorious, with crystal white flutes turning inky blue at the tips. The huge globes of colour appear from mid to . Agapanthus Twister, commonly known as the African Lily, is a bicolour variety with many fluted flowerheads that have petals that are white on the inside and . Deciduous, fleshy rooted clump forming herbaceous perennial.

Improved version features a compact habit, abundant flowering and bicolored blue and white flowers that attract bees and butterflies. Bicoloured flowers which change from blue at the throat to white on the petals’ edges form rounded umbels that add style to the sunlit landscape. Agapanthus Twister brings art into your garden.

Agapanthus are the sort of plant that can bring height and the ‘wow factor’ to a garden border, either in a traditional cottage garden, or a more contemporary style . Buy African lily Agapanthus africanus ‘Twister (‘Ambic001′) (PBR)’: Delivery by Crocus. These Agapanthus Twister Plants have delightful China blue and white mop heads which will bloom from July to September. These Agapanthus Twister Plants are a great addition to your garden adding structure and vibrant Summer colour in hues of white and blue. Agapanthus Twister will produce an abundance of delightful China Blue and White Mop Heads on Long stems throughout the Summer.

Agapanthus Twister is a true showstopper producing an abundance of bright white flowers with inky blue bases. Find help information on Agapanthus africanus Twister = ‘Ambic001’ from the RHS. New Agapanthus launched by Fairweather’s. Agapanthus Twister is a deciduous, free flowering bicolour. Available to buy wholesale and mail . Agapanthus Plant – Twister – 2463- All Perennial Plants – Perennial Plants – Gardening.

De bloeiperiode van ‘Agapanthus ‘Twister” is van juli tot en met augustus. Vaste planten (0); Kenmerken; Omschrijving. Agapanthus Twister, Evergreen variety.

Lovely bicolour flowers that change from blue in the throat to white on the petals edge. Agapanthus Twister : This deciduous variety is so far the best bi-colour Agapanthus. Dit is een prachtige Agapanthus in een combinatie van wit en blauw in één bloem!

De Afrikaanse lelie ‘Twister’ is een redelijk c. Probably hardy but very dramatic in a pot. The white flowers have a very obvious blue basdr to the petals.