Amaryllis bulbs

Of all flowering bulbs, amaryllis are the easiest to bring to bloom. This can be accomplished indoors or out, and over an extended period of time. Simple Guide to Re-blooming Your Amaryllis Bulbs You should enjoy many seasons of beautiful blooms from your amaryllis bulbs – one of the perks of investing .

If your amaryllis is not already potte plant each amaryllis bulb in a heavy, 6-pot. Plant the bulb, pointed-end-up, in potting soil. We’d be pleased to deliver our top–quality, prepotted Amaryllis plants, Amaryllis bulbs and Amaryllis gifts for the holidays. Enjoy their large, dramatic Amaryllis .

Amaryllis bulbs are forced indoors for their large, spectacular flowers. Some individuals discard the amaryllis after flowering. Amaryllis bulbs are easy to grow and have become very popular winter blooming plants, especially around the holidays. Since they aren’t very fussy, you can . Hippeastrum bulbs are popular gifts at Christmas. They are often commonly, but incorrectly, known as amaryllis.

By following a few easy tips, these showy, . Whether the first bulb or the fiftieth, there is high anticipation for the plant owner when the large, bright green bud emerges from a beefy amaryllis bulb!