Cactus opuntia

Opuntia is een geslacht dat behoort tot de cactusfamilie (Cactaceae). Deze cactussen worden in het Nederlands schijfcactus of vijg(en)cactus genoemd. Opuntia is a genus in the cactus family, Cactaceae.

The most common culinary species is the Indian fig opuntia (O. ficus-indica). Vind opuntia cactus op Marktplaats. Opuntia humifusa is een winterharde cactus die in de zomer bloeit met grote gele bloemen.

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Opuntia is the most widespread of all genera in the cactus family. The genus occurs naturally throughout North and South America from as far north as Canada, . The Opuntia cactus, also known as the ‘prickly pear’, is very common on La Palma. The main varieties are found along the roadside and produce yellow or . Aanleg van groendaken in Opuntia – Cactus.

Kwekerij en groothandel van sedums. There are few flowers that can rival those of Opuntia humifusa. They have a luminous beauty that is made even more spectacular when one considers they . Prickly pear cacti in the genus Opuntia are widely distributed in Sunset’s Climate Zones and through 24.

The prickly pear that is native to Mexico and .