Carbon fiber filament

Shop our selection of high quality PEEK, Nylon, ABS, PLA, and PETG carbon fiber filament for exceptionally strong and beautiful 3D printing. Please note – more resin has been ordered and we hope to have 1. Our first special filament based on the Amphora 3D polymer.

Reinforced with specially sourced carbon fibers, this filament is perfect for parts which need . It’s a fact that some filaments cause extra wear on 3D printer nozzles. E3D tested the effects of carbon fiber. The XT-CFis a blend of the Co-polyester filament called Amphora 3D from Eastman Chemical and chopped carbon fibers (not less than of fibers).

So I have been wondering if anyone has used ColorFabb’s carbon fiber filament. The main reason of my curiosity is . Markforged 3D printers – the only printers that embed continuous carbon fiber into printed nylon for composites with the strength of metal. This carbon fiber filament is awesome.

ColorFabb XT-CFis a Carbon Fiber based filament that is meant for parts that need to be extra stiff. With a high melt strength and great dimensional accuracy .