Celosia plumosa

De plant heeft opvallende dieppaars-rode pluimen, kan zo’n 35-cm hoog worden en is daardoor heel decoratief. Het geslacht Celosia komt voor in tropische . Chamissoa margaritacea (L.) Schouw.

Celosia argentea, commonly known as plumed cockscomb, or the silver cock’s comb, is a . Teelt-informatie over de Celosia plumosa, cristata, spicata. Bombay, Sunday, Ice Cream, Kosmo, First Flame. Dit type vormt talrijke dunne aren die tezamen één pluim vormen.

A charming, compact version of larger varieties but with the same brilliant color range that makes Celosia stand out among other garden flowers. Avoid temperatures below °C, because Celosia needs warm temperatures to grow. Fertilization: Moderate fertilization levels are required.

Additional Common Names: Cockscomb. Toxicity: Non-Toxic to Dogs, Non-Toxic . Botanische naaCelosia plumosa pyramidalis Thompsoni NL naaPluimhanekam Kleur : gemengd in felle kleuren geel, roze, roo . Celosia plumosa (zaad pluimhanekam). Vanaf februari tot half april in kweekbakje bij ca graden of vanaf begin april tot mei onder . Also known as Plumed Cockscomb, Woolflower Celosia argentea var plumosa.

Amaranthaceae Family SynonyCelosia plumosa. Celosia is a tender perennial that is winter hardy to USDA Zones 10-11. Louis area as a warm weather annual. Find help information on Celosia argentea var. Plumosa Group) ‘Glow Red’ cockscomb ‘Glow Red’ from the RHS.

How to grow Celosia plumosa as a house plant. Discover best varieties for growing Celosia plant in pots. Get tips for taking care of Celosia flower. How to grow and care for the Celosia or cockscomb flower (Celosia spp.) in containers.

Celosia has two types of flowers, the cockscomb, Celosia cristata and the plume types, Celosia plumosa (Fig. 1). The tight, velvety texture of the . A true dwarf type developed primarily for pots.

Plumes show 6-weeks after seeding and plants remain . Known as feathery amaranth it grows up to cm high, branched with flashy stems, oval leaves and flowers. Blooming Season : Spring, Late Spring, Summer, Late Summer.