Eulers disk

You’ve seen a spinning coin, but how about a spinning coin ON STEROIDS? De Eulerschijf is vernoemd naar de natuurkundige Leonhard Euler. Euler’s Disk is a scientific educational toy, used to illustrate and study the dynamic system of a spinning disk on a flat surface and has been the subject of a .

Draai de Eulers disc rond zoals je dat kunt doen met . This patented diameter chrome-plated steel disk creates a hypnotic display of light and sound as it rotates. Includes Euler’s Disk, concave mirror base and . The fascinating physics principles addressed by Euler’s Disk.

Door de disk te draaien maak je een op magnetiche energie gebaseerde brug naar een hig orbit satteliet van die aliens die vervolgens . Euler’s Disk is a classic science toy! One edge is carefully machined to a smooth radius . Spin the disk and enjoy a hypnotic light display with ever-changing sound. The disk seems to spin forever, rotating and precessing as it slowly transforms .