Euphorbia marginata

Euphorbia marginata is a small annual in the spurge family. It is native to parts of temperate North America, from Eastern Canada to the Southwestern United . De nederlandse naam is Wolfsmelk, familie van de Euphorbiaceae.

De bloemkleur is groen en de bloeitijd is van ca. De bladeren zijn groen+wit en ongeveer . WOLFSMELK 5194Euphorbia marginata ‘Variegata’ (Engels: Snow on the Mountain). Euphorbia marginata, commonly called snow-on-the-mountain, is a warm-weather annual that is native to prairies from Minnesota and the Dakotas to Colorado .

Euphorbia marginata – Bonte wolfsmelk met foto’s en info over hoe stekken, zaaien, vermeerderen, wanneer bemesten. Snow on the mountain, Snow-on-the-mountain. Synonym(s): Agaloma marginata, Dichrophyllum . Verspreiding en ecologie van Euphorbia marginata. The pure white and green flower bracts, carried on 60cm to cm tall stems, make a great cut flower. Vertaald van Engels naar Nederlands inclusief synoniemen, uitleg en gerelateerde woorden.

Euphorbia marginata Pursh Show All Show Tabs snow on the mountain. EUPHORBIA MARGINATA ‘KILIMANJARO’ Common Name: Mountain Spurge, Snow On The Mountain, Euphorbia variegata Description: This stunning annual . White on green foliage, cut flower.

Needs high moisture level in germination stage. Avoid contact with pollen and milky sap. Pinching Euphorbia Marginata (Snow-on-the-Mountain)?

Does anyone have experience growing Snow-on-the-Mountain . Euphorbia marginata ‘Summer Icicle’ is a highly versatile, ornamental plant and a great garden performer. Summer Icicle is a dwarf plant growing to 45cm (18in), . Description: This plant is a summer annual that becomes 1-3′ tall, branching frequently and often having . Bicolor leaf, green center with white picotee edge (no flower). Plants will grow anywhere – even in the poorest soils.