Genomic selection

Genomic selection is een veelbesproken onderwerp in de fokkerij, maar weten we ook hoe het werkt? Genomic selection is gebaseerd op de schatting van gedetailleerde verbanden tussen een hele set van genetische markers (SNP) met een hoge dichtheid op . Genomic selection is a form of marker-assisted selection in which genetic markers covering the whole genome are used so that all quantitative trait loci (QTL) .

Genomic selection versnelt de fokkerij. Maar de wetenschap is nog niet zover dat alle erfelijke eigenschappen van fokdieren kunnen worden . Traditional plant breeding programs rely mainly on phenotypes being evaluated in several environments; selection and recombination are . Accurate selection of the best animals at an early age has always been one of the holy grails in animal breeding. The development of genomic selection is an . Genomic Selection (GS) has been implemented by large parts of the animal breeding industry.

Now that more and more data becomes available, many details . Genomic selection is focused on prediction of breeding values of selection candidates by means of high density of markers. Figure 1: The ‘training population’ is genotyped and phenotyped to ‘train’ the genomic selection (GS) prediction model. Genotypic information from the breeding .

Russ Wolfinger, Director of Scientific Discovery and Genomics at SAS, examines how JMP Genomics uses predictive modeling to perform genomic selection . A one-stop networking and learning opportunity to look at the current state of the art of Genomic Selection in Crop Breeding Programs around . Genome selection (GS) considers marker effects across the whole genome. The use of high-density markers is one of the features of GS. Genomic Selection in Plant Breeding. Genomic Selection (GS) is a newly developed tool for animal and plant breeders in which dense markers covering the . Genomic Selection vacatures op Indeed. Genomic selection is a form of MAS that simultaneously considers the effect of all markers in the whole genome to calculate the Genomic Estimate of Breeding . In de varkensfokkerij maakt genomic selection snelle opmars.

Al in 20heeft PIC genotypering in het fokprogramma geïmplementeerd. Selection for the component traits included in the selection objective is. This complicates implementation of MAS and genomic selection and partially explains . Ben Hayes – Genomic Selection:Towards More Efficient Food Production.

Over the last decade, genomic selection caused a revolution in animal and plant breeding. For long-lived organisms such as forest trees, .