Kudzu alcoholism

An extract from the Chinese herb kudzu may help drinkers cut down on drinking, according to a new, pilot study. Kudzu root (pueraria lobata, radix puerariae) has been proven to reduce alcohol consumption in both humans and animals in placebo controlle double blind . The pharmaceutical industry has little to offer for keeping alcoholics sober.

Herbal medicines, on the other han have . In a recent randomised placebo-controlled trial of heavy-drinking American men, for example, they found that taking kudzu cut alcohol . Can kudzu help with your drinking problem? A few years back I did my own test on the herb, to see if perhaps it could help me. I started taking kuduz a herbal anti-alcohol support last Tuesday. Daidzin, a compound found in the kudzu vine, interferes with the metabolization of alcohol and produces effects similar to those of the anti-drinking drug . Can the Kudzu plant help those suffering from alcohol dependence.

In some tests the Kudzu herb has shown promise; in others . Chinese medicine has used the kudzu plant ( ge gen ) for centuries to treat stiff neck, sprains, thirst and diarrhea, and to reduce drinking. Kudzu: Chinese Herb May Inhibit Alcohol Consumption – Kudzu is a Chinese herb, native to Southeast Asia. It has been used medicinally for thousands.