Mini pig

Micro pigs, mini pigs, whatever they are calle these piglets sure are cute and funny. A cute mini pig or a cute micro pig or you may call them baby pigs, these cute and funny animals will surely. A miniature pig is a class of pig developed and used for medical research or as a pet.

Engelse mini varkentjes ofwel real miniature pigs. MPI was created to advocate and protect mini pigs by educating others. This site is here to help guide you on your journey with your pig(s) and provide you with . Thinking about buying a teacup pig?

Just know that it won’t fit in a teacup (or your house) for very long. The micro-mini pig craze has exploded over the past few years. There are trendsetters like Victoria¬†. American Mini Pig Association was created to educate, advocate, protect miniature pigs, improve breeding practices.

Pigs are a lot cleaner than people think they make super pets also. Click here, learn how to take care of pet pig share the best bond with your cute friend.