Mouse killer

Get fast, free shipping on your entire order! Pest-Stop’s Electronic Mouse Killer is a smart, highly effective and mess-free solution to domestic mouse problems. Tomcat Mouse Killer effectively kills up to mice (Base on no-choice laboratory testing.) with one bait block while providing the highest level of station security. Tomcat Mouse Killer II Refillable Bait Station, 1ct. Product – Ecoclear 6202Lb All-Natural Non-Toxic Mouse Killer Pellets.

D-Con Ready Mix Rat and Mouse Killer. This is an old and proven killer of rats.

All you do is peel back the film covering the . Mouse will begin to show up from bottom left hand. A unique battery-operated mouse killer. On entering the device, the mouse creates a circuit by touching the metal plates on the floor of the tunnel, and is killed . Lasers activate killer instinct in mice.

Stimulating certain areas of the animals’ brains can trigger predatory behaviours including biting and . Een zeer efficiënte elektronische val waarbij ratten en muizen snel en pijnloos worden gedood door een elektrische schok.