Parrot tulips

Growing parrot tulips isn’t difficult, and care of parrot tulips is nearly as easy, although the tulips need a bit more attention than standard tulips. Shop our selection of Parrot Tulips bulbs from Holland Bulb Farms! Buy perennial parrot tulips like colorful parrot tulip mix bulbs on sale.

Although the stems of Parrot tulips are fairly strong, the great size of their flowers prompts one to plant them in sheltered spots in the garden. Specialized BULBFARM, exporting high quality flowerbulbs for gardens and greenhouses. With big, billowy blooms, Tulip Apricot Parrot celebrates spring with a sensational swirl of colors on frilly edged petals.

Parrot tulips are flamboyant with their curly, twiste and fringed petals that resemble the colorful feathers of the tropical bird of the same name.

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Parrot tulips are renowned for their showstopping blooms. Browse HGTVGardens’ colorful collection of parrot tulips and find a variety that works in your garden. Tulip Apricot Parrot shows shades of apricot swirl across the ruffled petals in a spectacular display of rich, warm color. Buy parrot tulip bulbs as Apricot Parrot . The flamboyant flowers discussed in the two articles this month are certainly different than the normal garden-variety tulips found in most spring gardens.

With their ruffled and feathered petals, Parrot tulips are aptly named due to their noted resemblance to the wings of a parrot. These flowers are some of the most . Items – Quite possibly one of the most unique but equally splendid Tulip varieties has to be the Parrot Tulip, producing giant irregular shaped flowers with petals . Order top quality, top size parrot tulip bulbs online from Bulbs beyond! We deliver your parrot tulip bulbs direct to your doorstep.