Peepal tree

Ficus religiosa or sacred fig is a species of fig native to the Indian subcontinent, and Indochina. It belongs to the Moraceae, the fig or mulberry family. It is also known as the bodhi tree, pippala tree, peepul tree, peepal tree or .

Women circumambulate the peepal tree to be blessed with children and gain a desired thing or person. This tree is planted in the temples of . Indian culture is filled with traditions which on surface may seem superstitious, but actually have a logical reason behind. The leaf the Bharat Ratna award looks like.

I am the Peepal tree among the trees, Narada among the sages, Chitraaratha among the Gandharvas, And sage . In India, the Peepal tree is worshipped a majority of Hindus. Hindus pray to this tree and wish to live a problem free life. We are thrilled that poet Carol Rumens has chosen Malika Booker’s poem ‘Sin Visits Me’ from Pepper Seed as her poem of the week over at the Guardian. Peepal Tree – Hinduism is a major religion in India and Nepal. Considered to be one of the oldest religions, what with so many gods and . Ficus religiosa, popularly known as Peepal, is found to have several health benefits.

A species of fig tree in the mulberry family, peepal trees . Veel vertaalde voorbeeldzinnen bevatten Peepal tree – Engels-Nederlands woordenboek en zoekmachine voor een miljard Engelse vertalingen.

Peepal : Eco India explicates about the on cultivation of Peepal Tree, production of Peepal Tree, propagation of Peepal tree, ecology of Peepal Tree, binomial .