Phoenix reclinata

The Wild date palm or Senegal date palm is a species of flowering plant in the palm family native to tropical Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Madagascar and the . Phoenix reclinata can reach up to m but is most often between and m. It may be either single or multi-stemme sometimes forming a dense, bushy clump.

Phoenix reclinata occurs throughout tropical and subtropical Africa, northern and southwestern Madagascar and the Comoro Islands. Deze soort is inheems in de zuidelijke helft van Afrika en Madagaskar. De soort groeit tot 12m hoog op relatief mager stammen en deze zijn . Common Name: Senegal Date Palm Scientific Name: Phoenix Reclinata Zone: 9A-11.

Growth Rate: Slow Origin: Africa Salt Tolerance: Moderate Drought Tol. Phoenix reclinata is an evergreen Tree growing to m (19ft) by m (13ft) at a medium rate. It is hardy to zone (UK) and is frost tender. Liter kuip Liter kuip; € 500- € 700-.

Phoenix reclinata- the Senegal Date Palm. This species is native to the much of the southern half of Africa and Madagascar. Phoenix reclinata tree on ICRAF Campus,.

Phoenix reclinata (Patrick maundu). This striking palm creates an interesting silhouette with its multiple, gracefully curve often reclining, slender brown trunks, and dense crowns of .

Phoenix reclinata Jacquin, Fragmenta Botanica. Senegal date palm, dattier du Sénégal. Stems multiple, usually ascending, to m, diam. Distribution Habitat: Found in Africa in swamps, and on river banks, . Zuid-Afrika op hun zuidelijkste distributie en zuiver zijn gegarandeerd. Phoenix reclinata is distributed throughout sub-Saharan Africa, from Senegal and Gambia eastwards to Somalia and southwards to South Africa and . Phoenix palms have a terrible but well-deserved reputation for infidelity.

Grow them with any other Phoenix species and . The Wild date palm or Senegal date palm (Phoenix reclinata, reclinata – Latin, reclining) is a species of flowering plant in the palm family native to tropical Africa, . Photo: Bart Wursten Victoria Falls NP. Taxonomy – Phoenix reclinata (Senegal date palm) (Phoenix senegalensis) (SPECIES). Scientific name, Phoenix reclinata. Phoenix reclinata, Senegal Date Palm, Palm, , San Marcos Growers. Botanische (wetenschappelijke) naaPhoenix reclinata SynonieNederlandse naaSenegalese dadelpalm.

Ricky Taylor’s reputation in Plants. Likely ID: Wild Date Palm (Phoenix reclinata). Other Resources for Phoenix reclinata. Phoenix reclinata – detail detail (photo).

Taxonomy: Phoenix reclinata (Arecaceae) Alternative Botanical Name: Phoenix . Hybrid Phoenix palms showing possible diverse phenotypic expression. Description: A clump-forming palm with shiny, curved fronds and .