Propoxur (ISO-naam) is een insecticide en acaricide uit de stofklasse der carbamaten. In zuivere toestand is het een wit kristallijn poeder, die slecht oplosbaar is . Propoxur is a non-systemic insecticide with a fast knockdown and long residual effect .

Propoxur is a non-systemic carbamate insecticide introduced in 19and manufactured by Bayer and registered for use in the United States by the . Propoxur is an insecticide used to control cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, and lawn and turf insects. Acute (short-term) exposure of humans to propoxur by . COLLIER PROPOXUR HALSBAND voor kleine hondenrassen en katten.

In zuivere toestand is het een wit kristallijn poeder, die sl. Propoxur is one of a family of insecticides called carbamates. These chemicals block the production and action of cholinesterase, an essential nervous system . WHO SPECIFICATIONS AND EVALUATIONS.

Regulatory Status: Propoxur is a highly toxic compound; various formulations are. Labels for pesticide products containing Propoxur must bear the Signal Word . Stofnaapropoxur; Engelse naapropoxur; CAS-nummer: 114-26-1; EC-nummer: 204-043-8; Aquo-code: propxr; SIKB-id: 1432; Molecuulformule . More than 80chemicals are produce use and present in the United States. As all carbamate insecticides propoxur acts on the nervous system of the parasites (but also of mammals, birds, fish and many organisms!) as . TECHNICAL DATASHEET of PROPOXUR for veterinary use in DOGS, CATS and LIVESTOCK against external parasites: ticks, flies, mites, . Miosis, blurred vision; sweating, salivation; abdominal cramps, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting; headache, lassitude (weakness, exhaustion), muscle . The technical material contains at least propoxur.

Other information on identity and properties (a) Composition of technical propoxur Analysis of samples of . Many states are calling on EPA to do just that. Propoxur – Identification, toxicity, use, water pollution potential, ecological toxicity. Aprocarb , Bay 390, Bay 51, Bay 90, Baygon , Baygon (Propoxur) . De actuele wettelijke grenswaarde voor Propoxur vindt u hier in de Grenswaarden databank van de SER.

Propoxur is a highly toxic compound; various formulations are in different toxicity classes. It is a General Use Pesticide (GUP), although some formulations may . Propoxur is an N-methyl carbamate pesticide used to control ants, fleas, flies, ticks, mosquitos, apids, roaches and hornets in and around residences and .