Saponaria vaccaria

De enige soort die tot dit geslacht behoort is koekruid (Vaccaria hispanica). Koekruid is een eenjarig kruid met blauw-grijze, wasachtige stengel en bladeren en . Vaccaria segetalis (Neck.) Garcke ex Asch.

Vaccaria vaccaria (L.) Huth Vaccaria vulgaris Host. Vaccaria is a monotypic genus of flowering plants in the pink family containing the single . Die Kuhnelke (Vaccaria hispanica), auch Kuhkraut oder Saat-Kuhnelke genannt, ist die einzige. Vertaald van Engels naar Nederlands inclusief synoniemen, uitleg en gerelateerde woorden.

Saponaria (Saponaria Vaccaria Pink Beauty) – This lovely annual is very easy to grow from Saponaria seeds, and it adds a graceful touch to any be border, . Saponaria vaccaria (Engels) op mijnwoordenboek. Saponaria vaccaria (Caryophyllaceae), a soapwort, known in western Canada as cowcockle, contains bioactive oleanane-type saponins . European annual with pale rose-colored flowers; cultivated flower or self-sown grainfield weed; introduced in North America; sometimes classified as a . Related Links (opens in a new window). Saponaria vaccaria, or commonly referred to as Soapwort, is a wonderful annual that blooms from late spring through summer. Soapwort is often found in florists’ .