Tree t pee

Saves Water and Protects Trees from Frost. The tree T-PEE is a cone shape water and nutrient containment system designed for trees 1-years ol and . We can tell you how great the tree T-PEE is, but we know you’d rather hear from farmers that actually use them!

Thank you to the Riddlings for sharing your . The first of its kin the Tree-T-Pee is a water containment system for agribusinesses. Tree-T-Pee creator and farmer Johnny Georges created . Prior to the appearance on Shark Tank, Tree T Pee was relatively unheard of.

Few farmers used it, and those that did were mostly local to the . Tree T Pee is a cone-shaped tree guar made of recycled plastic used to reduce water use, fertilizer and fuel. Things got emotional in the Tank for Tree T-PEE founder Johnny Georges and the Sharks. Johnny is the founder of Tree T-Pee, a company that sells a simple product that aims to conserve water for. As the name implies, Tree T-Pee is a cone, made from 1 recycled plastic, installed at the base of a tree to conserve water. It also protects trees from frost and . His product, Tree T Pee, is meant to conserve water through irrigation, and has served to do so quite effectively.

Johnny Georges on Shark Tank will ever forget it. Tree T Pee is now partnered with John Paul Dejoria.

As we previously reporte the Tree T Pee is a product helping farmers save thousands of gallons of water per year, and improving the livelihoods of agricultural . Who needs tree stakes when you can have a Tree-T-Pee? Did you know that only of water and fertilizer applied with traditional . If you’ve ever spent a day on a farm in your life, you would know that. This guy is trying to not only make life a little better for . Tree T Pee was created by Johnny Georges an Arcadia, Florida entrepreneur and inventor.

Georges has spent his whole life around citrus growers and he . The tree T-pee is a patented plastic dome that is placed around the base of small trees. It helps to preserve the moisture around the trees and prevents . This is Tree T Pee – The Smart Choice by Erin Freel on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the. Tree T-PEE is a plastic cone that fits over the base of a tree.

It’s designed as a water containment system for trees that not only saves water, but . Trees need a lot of water and proper temperatures to thrive. This is especially true of young trees that are much more sensitive to the elements.