Vanmoof tiny

The T (Tiny) VANMOOF is designed to be small and easy to store away indoors. However, because we used extra long seatposts and . A tiny bike for the minimalists out there. We built the perfect city bike from scratch, and took it to the world. Explore the new VanMoof collection and official accessories.

If you’re between 5’and 6′ you’ll fit the Tiny Bike or Step-In Frame. If you’re between 5’and 6′ you’ll fit the Drop-Down Frame or Electrified with .

The pared-back VanMoof Standard comes with gearing options to fit every commute, whether you’re tackling the Amsterdam flat or San Francisco hills. Do I need to use the VanMoof app to use the SmartBike or Electrified S? The T looks Tiny, will I fit on one? Welcome to BicycleTube, subsidiary of AutoMotoTube!

Warning: if you see a pudgy balding dude wearing brown on this funny little bike, it’s just me getting out of the studio for some exercise. Already we hear each press VANMOOF minibero, MTINY 2. VANMOOF design concept by cutting out their innovative new aspect is presented to us.